Panama Geisha Interstellar Finca Deborah

Panama Geisha Interstellar

Origin: Panama

Region: Volcan, Boquete Valley

Farm: Finca Deborah

Variety: Geisha

Process: Natural, Yeast inoculation

Altitude: 1900 mt

Cup Profile: Wild Strawberry, Rose Syrup, Tropical Fruits, Butter Croissant

Head Roaster: Pietro Vannelli

Finca Deborah

Finca Deborah is located in Panama, more precisely in the region of Volcan, Chiriqui province. The plantation is at 1900+ mt above the sea level and it's one of the most remote coffee farms in Panama. This region is ideal for coffee production: the volcanic soil, the high elevation, the perfect balance between rain and tropical sun permit to give life to unique coffee plants. Finca Deborah's commitment to the environment is remarkable: the farm is fully powered by solar generation system and people who work on this farm is focused on safeguard the ecology for generations to come.

Geisha cultivation is a serious matter and workers are devoted professionals, centred on excellence. Harvest is meticulously monitored, coffee is handpicked, just the ripest cherries are collected.

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