Brazil Das Almas


Brazil Das Almas


Since 1942 the Muniz family produces coffee at the farm Fazenda das Almas. Until 1965, there was no electric power on the farm and the coffee was processed with the energy generated by a steam engine. The name Almas was obtained because it was the first area colonised by the Portuguese who came from the Azores region and when they performed their religious services, they went to the highest areas of the region because they believed that this would bring them closer to the souls.

The love for coffee made the other generations continue the process of continuous improvement of production. Today, the farm is managed by the third generation, completing 74 harvests under the Muniz family's responsibility. Throughout this period, the farm has undergone great changes and evolution, always adhering to the innovations of each period, such as the use of mineral fertilizer, soil correction, herbicides, electric energy, vehicles, tractors, brush cutters and semi-manual strippers. It managed to increase productivity, product quality, and creation of its own brand, joined three certifications UTZ and BSCA in 2004 and RAS in 2009 and, today has customers who know the philosophy of work, and therefore the relationship is one of trust, loyalty and win-win.

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