Colombia El Diviso

This washed coffee is produced at Finca El Diviso, a farm located at an altitude of approx. 1850 meters above sea level, in the region of Antioquia, Colombia. Vidal Hernando Vallejo Arenas is the owner of the farm and he lives on his farm, in the area called Buenos Aires with his family: wife Oliva Ramirez and 3 sons, William, Sergio and Dario, who already work in the coffee business as they will be the next generation of coffee producers in their farms and in Colombia. It's a family business where all members work directly on the farm as the picking of the cherries, depulping is done on a daily basis during the harvesting months. The coffee ferments for 24 hours without water, then it's washed with clean water and sun-dried it on patios. The wife, Oliva is in charge of the drying process and makes sure the coffee dries properly.  

The owner Vidal Hernando Vallejo Arenas, lives on his farm with the family: his wife Oliva Ramirez and their 3 sons, William, Sergio and Dario. He bought the farm 27 years ago with his wife and since then he put all his efforts on making a better coffee plantation and he has succeeded in that. The coffee has had tremendous improvements, they have learned techniques and processes to better handle the production of coffee at their plantations and facilities, enabling them to have a more profitable operation, more respectful use of natural resources, and most importantly, obtain a high-quality coffee. He's very passionate about coffee and about birds. For this reason, in his plantations, it is forbidden to hunt, burn and cut trees. They're strict about the use of agrochemicals so we take good care and protect the environment.

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