Colombia El Rubi

This coffee grows between 1600 mt to 1800 mt above the sea level in the Acevedo region, Hulia in the southwest of Colombia. This beautiful coffee is a pink bourbon variety, with a natural anaerobic fermentation which gives the coffee amazing flavours of ripe cherries such as amarena (black cherry) and cranberry, with very intense and sweet notes. In Finca El Rubi was initially growing the variety Caturra, and Castillo but nowadays, thanks to the owners, there're plants of Papayo, Pink Bourbon and SL 28. That's a love story behind this coffee (just read the producer's info) and we're very happy you can taste it!  

El Rubi Farm, around 25 years ago, was bought by the current owner Heiner. El Rubi was a wedding present from Heiner Lazo to Johanna: he decided his love was so big that one ruby could not express it all, so he gave his future wife thousands of rubies. All these coffee rubies helped the couple to move forward and until today they raised three beautiful daughters.

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