Ethiopia Coba

The name of this coffee, Coba, refers to the name of the village (Koba) where the station is located, but it is also a term for the leaf of an endemic plant: the Ensät (Abyssinian banana tree). The coffee, a mix of heirloom varieties, grows between 2100-2300 mt above sea level, in the Guji region. It's a natural process: coffee cherries are spread out onto African beds.

The washing station processes natural and fully washed coffees. There are approximately 260 drying beds. 60 people are assigned to each drying bed to maintain constant quality. The station's warehouse is well ventilated and the coffee is stored on pallets.


Habtamu Fekadu Aga's passion for coffee began when his grandfather, Mr Aaga Dinsa, invited him to join him on the plantations to share his knowledge on his farm in Kuri Kebele. The family continued to work in the coffee industry, and in 2015, Habtamu founded his company, focusing on new regions, including Guji and Jimma. To maintain consistent quality, Habtamu is fully committed to training producers. For Habtamu, training and the fair distribution of wealth are essential. The washing station in Coba collects cherries from 116 producers and, during the harvest, Habtamu provides accommodation and meals for the pickers. Throughout the year, producers are trained in organic cultivation methods and selective harvesting. Habtamu's social commitment goes beyond the washing station and extends to 3 main projects:

- Construction of a school in the community of Suke - Construction of a 3 km road between Woreda Yabitu Coba and the village of Tome - Helping to provide drinking water in the most isolated areas

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