Ethiopia Idido

Ethiopia Idido Yiergacheffe Washed

Mr Dukale was born in Bensa area of Sidama region from a coffee farming parents. At early age he was a sugarcane trader, shifted to a boutique, and started collecting coffee from surrounding villages.

In the late 1980s he opened the first processing station of ‘’Awraja and his Families’’ in Daye Bensa. Awraja was his nickname literally meaning ‘’zone’’ by the time, as he was a famous volleyball player representing his administrative area called Bensa Awraja/Zone of Sidama Province during the Derg Regime.

At this time he has around 16 coffee processing stations in Sidama, Gedeo and West Guji areas.

The station of Idido is the main one managed by DWD on the Yirgacheffe appellation. Coffee is collected from farmers living in the villages of Idido, Haricha and Dirato. DWD prepares at Idido’s station washed coffee, natural ones and even some red honey process. DWD chose to deal only with Specialty coffees on this station of Idido.

The ones more conventional are processed in the village of Resiti, a few kilometres away. Separating well their lots is the first step to ensuring high-quality lots for the international market.

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