Colombia Sudan Rume Natural Finca Inmaculada

MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Inmaculada Coffee Farms has a recent but exciting story. The Holguin family decided to start its coffee venture in 2010 and cultivate coffee. They have been involved in the agriculture field for decades (mostly specialized in sugar cane and oil palms) and their pristine forest was of just 5 hectares, the perfect starting point. After many years of dedication and work, the family expanded its land, from 5 hectares to the 50 hectares that it’s today, and their competence allowed them to achieve great results in a relatively short time. The coffee plants are surrounded by many other plants such as guamo, acacias, lemon, guabos, citronella, and a legume shrub called tephrosia. Coffee plants benefit from natural shade and rich soil. Some of the rarest and most special coffee varieties like Rume Sudan, Eugenioides, Laurina, Gesha, Maragesha were planted in these areas and innovative and experimental fermentation techniques are used in order to achieve astonishing quality.

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