About Us

A Story driven by tradition, passion and family.

Vannelli - About Us

Our Story and Values

We are brothers Giacomo and Pietro born into the Vannelli family, with a long tradition of producing exquisite pastries. We are the third generation of highly skilled pastry chef, the first being our grandparents and then our father we were expected to follow in their footsteps. Ultimately our sister fulfilled their expectations. As children although Pietro and I were very talented at making pasticci (a mess) we followed a different path…. coffee!

As children we passed some of our happiest times playing behind the counter of our fathers pastry shop, among the shelves of cakes, the noise of the coffee machine and the smiles of the customers. The pastry shop was our playground and our favourite game, making coffee.

The Vannelli Coffee Project

A micro roast which reflects our values in life. In the last ten year we have accumulated a vast amount of experience in the selection, buying, roasting and tasting of coffee, both in Italy abroad. We have been fortunate enough to meet with some of the most highly qualified and respected people within the world of Specialty coffee. We have experienced different cultures and managed to share our passion and love for the Speciality coffees, having won several national competitions we have gained invaluable experience, allowing us to meet and share ideas with the best Specialty coffee producers in the world.

We also represented Italy on the international stage of coffee competitions This has helped us to refine our personal concept of Speciality coffee. As a result of this is Vannelli Coffee was born in 2019 and our aim is to combine our knowledge and values and diffuse our ideas of Specialty Coffee to wider audience.

Caffè tostato Vannelli Coffee

Vannelli - About Us

Our philosophy

“We are what we roast”. The Vannelli Specialty Coffee is a Micro Roasting of Specialty Coffee born from the passion of Giacomo and Pietro Vannelli, The former Italian Barista Champion, the second Italian latte art Champion. Being a Micro roasting means that you are guaranteed the quality, the respect and total transparency or the supply chain.

Our Mission

To heighten the awareness of the Specialty Coffee. Our mission is to grow the culture of high quality coffees. To bring people into the world of Specialty Coffee and day by day to educate them in order that they are aware of what they are drinking and how sustainable it is. Drinking Specialty Coffee raises awareness in the consumer, resulting in an improvement in the quality of the coffee in the cup. Also helping to combat the exploitation of native workers.

Our Values

Quality and Transparency: We have developed close relationships with the countries of origins for a more transparent supply chain. To improve the quality of the coffee, and the life and work of the farmer.

Training: We believe that knowledge can only be obtained by method, passion and perseverance.

Environment: We are committed to the protection of the environment, realizing political sustainability and developing a circular economy.

Community: We believe in the value of people, work friendship and family.