Ethiopia Shantawane


Shantewene coffee, produced in the village of the same name, in Sidama region, has an incredible sweetness and richness in flavours and aroma.

The natural anaerobic process gives this coffee brilliant berries flavours as blueberry and wild strawberry and an outstanding sweetness, reminding maple syrup flavour.


Daye Bensa coffee company started with the admirable efforts of two brothers: Aseba Dukamo Mulugeta Dukamo, about fifteen years ago. They have, over the years, developed a company that today holds an important place in the production, collection and export of coffee from Sidama. The name of the company comes from the city and the district where the owners come from, to enlighten their local roots. Daye Bensa company owns farms, washing stations, dry mills and more than individual 2000 farmers are members of the company and all together aim to produce traceable and sustainable quality coffee. The reforestation program is just one of the merits of Daye Bensa company, whose attention to preserving the environment is really noteworthy. The company also organizes regular training for these producers to further improve the quality of these coffees and, as a sign of recognition for this applied work, two of their coffees were selected for the Cup of Excellence 2020.

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