Colombia Geisha Super Natural

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Cup Profile: 

Origin: Colombia Farm: El Paraíso Region: Cauca Variety: Geisha Process: Natural – extended experimental process Altitude: 1960 mt Head Roaster: Pietro Vannelli


This coffee is a geisha variety, growing at 1960 mt above sea level, in the Cauca region, in southwest Colombia. The climate is very humid, with a high incidence of Pacific winds that provide tropical notes to our coffee fruits. These beautiful coffee beans have a very fruity profile, thanks to the climate conditions, the altitude, the terroir and the intense rains in the year allow the development of a brilliant profile. The process begins with the harvest of overripe grape point coffee cherries, which, due to their longer contact time with the coffee seeds, manage to impregnate more fruit flavours from the pulp. Then, the cherries are disinfected with ozone, to reduce the unwanted microbiological load in the process and pass to fermentation for 96 hours. After these hours of fermentation, coffee cherries are put in a dehumidifier to remove humidity. This helps to avoid over-oxidation and stop the metabolic processes to avoid overfermentation. In the final stage, the coffee is placed in a cool place to stabilize. Afterwards, coffee beans are selected and threshed according to the quality standards.


Finca El Paraíso is a family-run business owned by Diego Samuel Bermúdez Tapia. He and his family worked hard to create a range of high-quality coffees with remarkable consistency. Diego dedicated part of his life to studying and learning each aspect of coffee processing, making experiments in his own lab. Diego and his team focus on innovation in all aspects of coffee production: methods of fermentation, washing techniques and dryers which allow them to have maximum control over the quality of the coffee. His new approach to coffee let him achieve great coffee profiles and win several coffee awards on a global scale.

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