Colombia La Estrella

  The coffee grows at 1700 mt above sea level, in the Quindìo region, Colombia at La Estrella coffee farm is owned by Jario Lopez. Geisha, Castillo and Java varieties grow along with avocado and platano trees. Coffee cherries are hand-picked and carried by the end of the day to La Cristalina farm, where the natural process happens: the coffee is placed into IBC tanks for 48 hours, monitoring the temperature. After that period, the coffee is placed in drying tunnels. The drying phase is crucial for this coffee: the humidity must be lower than 11% before the packing in the GrainPro bags and sisal and the reposo is about 1 month at 20°. This peculiar process gives the coffee an incredible and intense flavour of Tropical and black fruits with a persistent chocolate aftertaste; a real bomb! This wonderful coffee was presented by Giacomo Vannelli in his blend for the Italian Brewers Cup Championship 2022.

Owned for 80 years by the family Lopez, and passed on to 4 brothers in 2005, the farm La Estrella was divided in two. Since 2019 Jario Lopez is the only owner of Puerto Alegre, before that he shared the farm with his brother Cesar. The main varietal that is cultivated is Castillo but today they cultivated Geisha and Java varieties. Coffee plants grow along with avocado and platano trees.

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