Ecuador Agroloja

This coffee is a beautiful Sidra variety, growing on Malajatos mountains, at 1500 -1850 mt above the sea level. The process is a particular Honey process, called "brilante" that beans bright: consists of a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in hermetically sealed tanks. The coffee is then dehusked and allowed to dry for 25 days on raised beds.  

Finca Agroloja is located between 1500 and 1850 metres above sea level in the province of Loja, in the south of Ecuador. The hills of the Malacatos Valley, which form a unique landscape around the farm, have a cool climate and rainfall suitable for growing coffee. Ecuador is renowned for its immense biodiversity and Angel has preserved this throughout Finca Agroloja. On this 28 hectare farm, 50% of the land is planted with Caturra, Typica Mejorado, Sidra and Geisha trees, and Angel Reyes also grows other fruits such as oranges, lemons, mangoes, avocados, bananas, plantains and yuca, as well as other local plants. 

An agronomist by profession, Angel comes from a family with a long coffee-growing tradition in the province of El Oro, formerly known as Zaruma. His family is known for producing coffee at high altitudes with very high quality cup profiles. With this heritage, Angel wanted to combine the family coffee tradition with his innovative vision. Always striving for excellence, he has introduced high quality varieties such as Sidra to his plantation and developed his post-harvest expertise. This has made Angel a well-known name in the world of speciality coffees. His coffees have won numerous awards. 

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