Ethiopia Kaffa

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Origin: Ethiopia Region: Kaffa Farm: Gushe Buna, Ephrem Mulugeta Thegen Variety: 74110 , 74112 Process: Natural, shade dried Altitude: 1900 mt Cup Profile: Red Fruits, Peach, Caramel, Honey Head Roaster: Pietro Vannelli

Ethiopia Kaffa Decha Natural
This coffee comes from the Kaffa region, on the southwestern side of Ethiopia, one of the most famous areas and also known as the "birthplace" for coffee in the world. The farm, Gushe Buna, is located at 1900 mt above sea level, at 40 km from Bonga city. More than 10 different tree species composed the forest in which coffee trees are growing. For example, Qararo trees, which can reach 40 meters, are very rare in Ethiopia. Here, they are maintained to provide a nice shade to coffee and ensure a good maturation of cherries. The same for Birbira trees, which are over 15 m high and play an important part in shade-grown. In addition, the decomposition of their leaves increases the fertility of the soil: the black volcanic soil supports this high biodiversity. This rich environment ensures the quality of coffee lots coming from 74110 and 74112 varieties. Cherries are handpicked and naturally dried on African beds which are installed on Gushe Buna farm. &nbsp

Ephrem Mulugeta Thegen works on the coffee sector since 2001 and the farm Gushe Buna was established in 2011.  He secured 368 hectars of land and he started his activities by developing coffee nurseries. Then he implanted his own farm on Kaffa, one of the most famous places for coffee in Ethiopia. Since 2016, his company does direct trade to export coffee to the US and Europe. They focus on preparing nice lots with precise traceability.

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