Ethiopia Seife

This coffee, heirloom variety, comes from Ethiopia, more precisely from the Sidamo region. The harvest of the cherries is made by hand and only cherries at the peak of their ripeness are harvested and then double-sorted according to density and size. The process begins and the whole cherries are placed in airtight steel vats with an air valve through which the oxygen produced during fermentation can escape; the anaerobic fermentation takes around 72h. The coffee cherries are then dried, during which the moisture content is measured regularly to ensure optimal drying. This method enlights intense ripe fruity notes with a hint of acidity and extreme sweetness and a syrupy aftertaste.

Seife Tuuloskorpi, the owner of the homonymous Seife's coffee firm, was born in 1967 in Ethiopia but grew up in Sweden. After several years of sourcing coffee and intense learning, he started his own company in 2018. Seife's business story is fascinating; he puts all his efforts into building his company which is a direct link between his two worlds: Ethiopia and Sweden. He strives to achieve the best results in harvesting and producing premium coffees giving importance to the living conditions of the farmers guaranteeing ethical trade.

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