Guatemala Geisha


This geisha variety grows in Guatemala, in the San Marcos region, in rich volcanic soil at 1800 mt above sea level. Once picked, cherries are brought immediately to the wet mill located on the farm.  When loading the cherries, they pass through two floating stations to pull out less dense, lower-quality beans.  After removing the fruit, the coffee is put into fermentation tanks where it sits for 24-36 hours. Once ready, the mucilage is removed, and the beans pass through a third floating station to again sort any defected beans.  The good beans again sit overnight in fermentation tanks to ensure the cleanliness of the product. Because Nueva Granda is a small estate farm, great care is taken in the preparation and grading of its high-grown Arabica coffees: Nueva Granada has a long and well-known tradition of excellence.


Finca Nueva Granada is owned and managed by Johann, who is now the 3rd generation coffee farmer in the Nottebohm family.  His great grandfather, originally from Germany, moved to Guatemala in 1894. Nueva Granada was the 3rd farm in Guatemala to become Rainforest Alliance certified, and their family tradition continues today of striving for better quality, consistency, improving environmental techniques and educating the families that live on their farm.

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